Why French Bulldogs Are Expensive Before Adoption  

Popular among small dog breeds, Frenchies make
amazing companions of human beings with their adorable appearance and pleasant
personality. However, their high cost of adoption and raising may deter pet
owners from making a purchase. Is it worth your investment?

Let’s find out why French bulldogs are expensive in the following

How Much Do French Bulldogs Cost?

The price of a French bulldog falls into the
range of between $1,500 and $3,000. It depends on locations, colors, breed
lines, and some other factors.

Dogs with a unique breeding history even cost
higher, from $5,500 to $10,000.

Alternatively, you can adopt a dog at a lower price of $350 to $550. The
total fee often includes vaccinations and registration. You can save your money
while sheltering animals in need at the same time.    

why French bulldogs are expensive

Why Are French Bulldogs Expensive?


According to the Breed Popularity scale of the AKC, the Frenchie ranks 6 out of 194, making them one of the most popular small dog breeds around the world. Their global recognition and popularity are one of the primary reasons for their high cost of purchase.

French Bulldogs have both a one-of-a-kind appearance and charming character. Their adaptability is no joke. They can live well and happily in confined spaces such as apartments and homes. Therefore, they are sure to make an excellent companion of city dwellers.

Moreover, with a friendly and open disposition, they can get along with both human and other animals.

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frenchies are expensive


If you are looking for a show dog or a pet, specific factors such as gender, color, color pattern, ages may not be a problem. However, some people are interested in finding healthy pups with less popular colors. This drives up the price of French Bulldogs to a record of $10,000. Typical colors are cream, fawn, brindle, or sable while pure black, pure blue, chocolate, lilac, tan, blue, and black dogs are much easier to find.

Color isn’t the only factor that creates enormous differences in prices. Even if you are satisfied with a commonly colored canine, problems can come up at any time. You might prefer a female that only delivers male puppies. A dog may be the prettiest, but its build doesn’t meet the requirements of the show, so you can’t buy it as a show dog.

Moreover, not all puppy sellers can provide detailed health records. Thus, you can’t rest assured that your new friend is entirely in good condition.

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Difficult Breeding

It takes lots of effort, time, and money to get
a good pair of dogs for breeding. In other words, a fertile male and female
don’t guarantee that they will produce a lovely litter of puppies.

When it comes to transportation, instead of
flying in the airplane’s cargo hold, they have to travel by vehicle.

Due to narrow hips, Frenchies can’t set
themselves in a adequately mounted position for breeding. Sadly, a majority of
French Bulldogs can’t conceive as a result of natural breeding. Assistance is a
must, making the reproduction process more complicated. In many cases, breeders
resort to artificial insemination, which involves various related costs.

Even when a female canine conceives, she still
needs the help of a veterinarian during the labor. There are many issues
expected to arise. That’s when a C-section comes in handy. Breeders have to
incur a lot of expenses ranging from vet labor, anesthesia to mother and puppy
care along with intravenous support.

Since the birth canal of such breed isn’t broad
enough for a smooth delivery while puppies tend to have large heads, natural
birth turns out virtually impossible. Generally speaking, four puppies make a
standard sized litter supposing that they all survive. Not all females can
finish the delivery with that desirable number. They only give birth to one or
two healthy puppies at most. Moreover, reputable breeders don’t subject their
dogs to annual breeding. Instead, they set a specific limit of the number of
times, contributing to the rarity of this breed.

Also, these dogs are likely to go into labor
quickly. Therefore, to prevent things from getting out of control, breeders had
better use an emergency veterinary or arrange for a vet stay beforehand, which
adds to the total cost.

expensive frenchies

Great Care

How Much Does It Cost to Feed A Frenchie?

Before deciding to make this furry friend a
family member, it’s essential to take into account food expenses. Thus, you can
have a suitable plan to allocate your budget.

Luckily, French Bulldogs don’t eat much. They
only need a moderate portion of proteins, fat, and calories to stay healthy and
energetic daily. On average, about 1 ½ to 2 ½ food cups would make them full
regardless of their size and activity level. Consult with your vet to know the
exact food intake for your pet.

Let’s make a quick calculation. A 30-pound
package, equivalent to 120 cups, of high-quality dog food costs around $60. If
your furry friend eats 2 cups a day, the bag will run up within two months.
Don’t forget to count in the cost of treats. You usually have to pay between $5
and $10 for a bag of quality treats, which will satisfy your pet for several

What About Vet Expenses?

This breed is vulnerable to health problems that
pet owners shouldn’t overlook.

As the brachycephalic branch, French pups have
shorter and flatter skulls in comparison with other breeds, leading to the
formation of flattened face and short nose. Therefore, breathing issues are

They can’t regulate their temperature properly,
especially in hot weather, so they can suffer from heat shock at any time.
Refraining from letting pups go out and keeping them in air-conditioned houses
make a better sense.

In addition, their wrinkly skin is a potential
source of allergies. You have to check folds carefully and frequently to detect
any sign of infection.

They also have sensitive eyes that problems such
as cherry eye, entropion, or juvenile cataracts should be within your

A visit to the vet is never cheap. However,
don’t be too worried about such problems. You can keep the vet expenses low as
long as you learn the proper way to take care of them. Prevention is always
better than cure.

Besides, take out a pet insurance and you can
get those worries eased to a great extent.

Special Care for Puppies

Remember that the very first moments of newly
born dogs are extremely significant. Therefore, they need special attention and
hands-on care to ensure both mothers and babies are safe. Never leave them
alone and they require frequent feeding every three hours.

Dog mothers can be good at taking care of their
babies, but the chance is that they accidentally roll over and smother one of
them. Breeders have to keep a close watch on the litter, increasing the cost of
French puppies.

How Can You Keep the Cost Down?

You are obsessed with French Bulldogs, but don’t
have enough money to buy one? Don’t worry. There are some ways you can get a
Frenchies for a lower cost.

Infertile females and neutered males can sell at
slightly reduced prices. This is not unintentional given their difficulties with
the birth process.

However, don’t be misled by incredibly low
prices or discounted options. Without the necessary knowledge and funds to hire
veterinarians, breeders stand high risks of failure to produce puppies. Even if
they can, a pool of puppies may be unhealthy or low-quality. Buying them will
cost you a fortune in the long run. Breeding should only be carried out by
knowledgeable and experienced experts in French Bulldogs.

The very first tip is don’t be so fussy. Take a
look at a broader range of options to reduce the cost. Don’t be prejudiced
against males or females. It isn’t sensible to stick to a certain color; be
open to a range of common colors.

A Frenchie with minor special needs should not
go to the blacklist. If the dog suffers from serious health problems, nothing
is impossible as long as you have enough time, experience, and funds to look
after him.

Meanwhile, your lack of experience and money
doesn’t mean you can’t get this adorable breed. You can visit reputable rescue
organizations, where some adults and puppies don’t require substantial care to
become excellent pets.

If you choose a slightly diseased puppy, he can
quickly develop a strong bond with you, gradually becoming your loyal
companion. Babies with a minor congenital disability wouldn’t become big
problems since they don’t develop health issues in the future. Dogs with
unknown histories are acceptable in case you can guarantee they get adequate
vet care.

How Can You Keep the Cost Down?

It’s essential to figure out why French
bulldogs are expensive
before making a final purchase. No matter what, they are still
more costly than most other breeds.

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