Supplements for a Frenchie should be the next question to solve when raising a healthy dog. Sufficing vitamins for your Frenchie helps to maximize his efficacy. It supports eliminating common ailments and prolongs the life of your Frenchie. However, there is a set of “do and don’t” a Frenchie owner should follow to keep the dog’s well-being at the best condition.

7 essential vitamins for healthy French bulldogs

With the stock of vitamins needed for your Frenchie, there is a bunch of major ones that can be missed in the dog’s diet.

Vitamin A

Source: Carrots, spinach, eggs, fish oil, and sweet potato.

The fat-soluble vitamin supports a better vision and the good growth of your Frenchie’s immune system. It helps your dog fight diseases and keeps the glossy coat for long.

Vitamin B

Source: Whole grains, peas, and green vegetables.

There is a variety of vitamins in this group playing different roles.

  • B6: Obligated to generating red blood cells. It regulates hormone and synthesizes niacin which is vital for the body function
  • B12: Facilitates enzyme function
  • Folic acid: Synthesizes mitochondrial protein
  • Thiamine: Regulates energy

Vitamin C

Source: Sour fruits and vegetables.

This antioxidant scavenges harmful free radicals to slow down cognitive aging. It helps eliminate toxin in the body giving your Frenchie a fulfilled life suffering less sickness. Moreover, sufficient vitamin C supports healing wound faster.

Vitamin D

Source: Egg yolks, beef, and fish oil.

Similar to human, Vitamin D absorbed from the sunshine reinforces the bone’s growth. It also develops muscles giving your Frenchie a stiff body shape. Vitamin is crucial for teeth formation, as well.

Vitamin E

Source: Fish oil, leafy vegetables, and seeds.

The powerful antioxidant is essential for the health of skin and eyes. It is the primary element in defense to oxidative damage. Deficiencies of vitamin E are the cause of many cases of body degradation. Worse, a lack of vitamin E affects reproductive ability.

Vitamin K

Source: Leafy vegetables, seeds, and whole grains.

Vitamin K activates the blood-clotting ability. It plays a role in reinforcing the strength of bones allowing Frenchies to maintain their rigid skeletal frame in the long term.


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