French Bulldog Puppy for Sale in New York

Looking for a male blue French Bulldog Puppy for sale in New York? Meet our Blue French Bulldog puppy Titan.

He is a solid blue male, with a shiny coat and a laid back personality. With his typical bulldog behavior, he will win your heart instantly. Titan loves to chill and lay around, but will play if there is stimulation. He is a 100% cuddler and will prefer chilling in your lap then actively playing.

Titan is a male Blue French Bulldog Puppy from our last litter and will be ready to go to his home soon. He’s 9 weeks old and needs another set of shots, but is otherwise a health and happy little guy.


Like i mentioned before, Titan’s personality is very chill. He is very sweet and calm compared to his wild brothers. He has soulful blue eyes and a shiny gray coat, but his demeanor is what makes him stand out to me. Obedient, smart and easygoing are only a few words that describe this chunky French Bulldog puppy.


Health wise Titan, just like all our French Bulldog puppies comes from health tested parents with no major issues or aggression in the bloodlines. You can expect the typical issues that come with the breed like seasonal and food allergies, but those can easily be kept at bay with great food and care.


We take care of Titan’s eating habits by feeding him a mix of kibble and Raw Patties by Stella&Chewy’s. The goal is to transition him to the dehydrated raw diet completely. It’s very recommended for French Bulldogs. If that’s something you aren’t comfortable with, you can check out the food brands we recommend by clicking here.



If you are looking for  Male Blue French Bulldog Puppy for sale in New York and Titan caught your attention, reach out to us through our website chat or fill out the contact form by following this link.


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