Having a Frenchie posing his silly face welcoming you home is a pure bliss promises to wear off your exhaustion. What’s better than all is to see your woofy Frenchie in his best shape and health. But how to keep a French bulldog healthy? Please read on.


Feeding the right food is an essential mean to maintain your bulldog in his freshest state. Real food like real chicken, fish, turkey, bison, venison, and beef are among the best options providing the optimal nutritional value in each meal.

A healthy balanced diet should consist of quality protein from fresh meat as well as vitamins and minerals. The false choice of food can lead to allergies, upset stomach, or even food poison.

Nutrition matters in the appearance of your dog as well. To keep the Frenchie’s coat glow, beside sufficing protein, substances such as Omega fatty acids are also essential.


No matter where you raise the dog, there is always dirt around weaving into ears, nose, nail crevices, and creases. That is why you need to clean your Frenchie regularly. It doesn’t mean frequent bathing, but gentle wipes are enough before the dog’s bedtime.

Body care

It is important to notice how the hair and nails grow. Although French Bulldogs have short fur that is relatively easy to groom, and they don’t shed much, you should take some time to rub their coats gently. Trimming the Frenchie’s nails is probably not a job for novices, but it is possible to conduct if you have proper tools and a docile pup.

If you can’t perform home grooming, take your Frenchie to an animal spa or visit a vet clinic to have the experts taking care of these tasks. A routine to the vet also helps detect early diseases and treatments.


Don’t forget your French bulldog needs a health shield to common illnesses. Yearly booster shots are critical to keeping your Frenchie off canine diseases.


Love and care from you are necessary ingredients for a happy Frenchie. Don’t just keep your French pooch home all the time; take him for a walk instead and let him spread his adore around. Don’t forget to cuddle and praise your Frenchie for his good behavior. Never scold but use a firm voice for misbehaving and DO NOT hit your Frenchie fellow at any cost.



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