Feeding a Frenchie is not a matter of giving him anything she can crave on, but it is critical to choose the right diet for your dog’s growth.

Unlike other dogs, French Bulldogs have an average profile that needs nutritional support for their skeletal frame as well as their short shiny coat. So, picking the right food helps maintain your dog agility and health, make a happy dog be with you for long.

What to feed a French bulldog

Though the dietary need of every dog is different, there are essential ingredients that should never be missed.


Healthy sources of fat come from ocean fish oil or vegetable oil. It keeps the coat glossy and smooth while fighting against skin infection. Many vets recommend adding docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) for Frenchie puppies to support brain and eye development.


Protein can come from meat meals or plant-based meals. Chicken, lamb, and salmon are among the most common ingredients on the pet food for Frenchies. It is better if you can avoid adding grain to their dog’s meals. There are hypoallergenic vegetarian proteins come from whole peas, lentils, sweet potatoes, and chickpeas that don’t provoke allergies.

Vitamins and minerals

A sufficient meal should not miss these substances. Antioxidants come from fruits are not only quality but also healthy. It is possible to give your Frenchie raw fruits like pieces of apple, pear, banana, orange, and cantaloupe. Just keep in mind that you don’t feed the pup fruits with seeds and pipes.


Sufficient carbs keep the blood sugar steady. Although carbohydrate is a must, it should not have overdosed. Your Frenchie’s diet should be low in carbs or take advantage of low-glycemic carbs for an alternate.

NO artificial ingredients

It seems hard but not impossible to find natural packaged food for your Frenchie. You should pick reputable brands that guarantee of not using preservatives, filler, and by-products. Artificial colors should be eliminated too since it helps nothing but leaves junks in the organs.

The preferred food for French Bulldogs

A hypoallergenic diet that is rich in nutrients and vitamins is the best for your Frenchie. We recommend grain-free meals first for the pups to prevent excessive flatulence in French bulldogs.

As for seniors, choose easy-to-digest food to support their aged stomach. Specialized food for old Frenchies is low in calories to avoid obesity and keep their teeth and shape in the best condition.

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