As you know, French Bulldog typically is a weirdo but adorable and active dog with a low-profile body, short face, and cuddly personality!! You couldn’t imagine how surprised when analyzing their structure bones.

A French bulldog skull developed with a short face compared to the length of the head. The other bones in the skeleton show an unusual type of development, chondrodystrophy (French Bulldogs are classified as a brachycephalic and chondrodystrophic breed) which results in a shortening of the vertebrae and the long bones of the limbs.

How do you know your French bulldog is healthy and robust?

  1. Looking for a trustworthy breeder

You must ensure that you buy your puppies from a well-regarded breeder. It’s really important!

Nowadays, a purebred puppy can cost as much as Chanel shoes. So, looking for a trustworthy breeder is essential for a defined healthy pup from day one.

Helpful tips for finding an unsuspicious breeder:

  • Certification of the puppy’s health at the time you welcome your little paw fellow home.
  • Information about your French bulldog’s parents (sometimes even grandparents) with the detailed records. These documents let you reckon the health condition of your pup’s predecessor. Although genetic doesn’t guarantee your puppies in the best shape, it indicates your Frenchie comes from a dominant and excellent genetic line, to ensure their body parts’ usual growth.
  • An invitation to visit the dogs at the shelter where you want to buy a little bulldog from them. Some people want to know the living space that the puppies grow up in and meet their parents.
  1. General Appearance

You totally can define that a French bulldog is healthy and develop normally or not by watching their appearance from eyes, head and skull, open nostrils, body, color, etc. Today we will show you some appearance signs of a healthy French bulldog:


Eyes must have a moderate size, round; It should be neither sunken nor raised especially when they’re looking straight forward; it should show no white.


The opening helix must be wide, thin, and stand like bat ears. Notably, French bulldogs can easily be chronic ear infections, so that it’s vital that the ear canal should open enough to give an apparent outlook into the ear.


One of the most important tips when choosing a healthy French bulldog is that his mouth is slightly undershot with regular teeth, but not visible when he closes his mouth. The tongue must not protrude, too.


A healthy French bulldog should have a black and wide nose, relatively short with open nostrils. You will never know how essential for all dog breeds when they have large nostrils! With open nose nostrils, they can supply enough amount of air for the lungs.

Coat color

A healthy bulldog must have a short and smooth coat. All color accept but brilliant and bright,  and an excellent depth color. The critical tip is that the bulldog color does not have a grey, blue, or muddy appearance.

Final thoughts

The puppies’ health is essential. It decides how long they live with us. Although you can buy healthy puppies, don’t forget taking them to do a medical check-up regularly! We hope that these signs of a healthy French bulldog above can help you find your strong, active and adorable bulldog puppies.

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