Blue French Bulldog Puppies for sale in NYC

Meet another one of our blue French Bulldog Puppies for sale in NYC. This little girl is called Gia. Gia is completely different than her sister Athena, personality wise.

While Athena is bossy, Gia is the more submissive sister. She loves to play, be active, explore and be social, but at the same time she cherishes her alone time. While everybody is playing she would join me for a cuddle on the couch or go to her crate to take a break.


Sweet, playful, easy going, independent, good with kids and other animals, loves to chew on her toys and bones.



Vet checked multiple times, healthy as can be, before she goes home she will be up to date on her shots, dewormed and microchipped. If you researched the breed you probably know about the general health issues that come with the breed. So exercise, general care and good diet are a must with this breed.

If you want to learn more about the breed in general, check out our “Learn About The Breed” section.


This girl loves to eat. For Gia’s feeding time we use a slow feeding bowl, due to the French Bulldog’s very well known tendency of eating too fast. Eating habits vary based on what works best for your puppy’s tummy, but at the end of the day it always has to be a very high quality food. Check out which Dog Food brands are Ethical Frenchie Approved here.


Do you think Gia would be a good match for you? Contact Ethical Frenchie now and schedule a meeting with little Gia. We promise she will steal your heart. Check out our other Blue French Bulldog Puppies for sale in NYC here.

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