You probably heard so many times that French Bulldog don’t need excessive exercise. And it’s true, they aren’t too demanding, but I too often come across people claiming their French Bulldog started showing destructive behavior, like chewing on doors, furniture, destroying toys, stealing shoes, eating socks, etc. 

Well chances are, your French Bulldog lacks mental stimulation. Yes, our canine friends need to be mentally stimulated on a daily basis. 

You can keep it simple, by just going outside and learning some new tricks, playing hide and seek or investing in one of the toys below. They will keep your French Bulldog busy and focused. 



1. WoofDonald’s Snuffle Mat

Woofdonald’s Snuffle Mat is a mat that has different activities in burger, pizza, and french fry shapes. There are many flaps and pockets to hide snacks. The zipper portion of the mat is the hardest level yet. Hide a treat inside the pocket and see if your pawfriend can get it out.

This should keep your snack loving French Bulldog busy for hours. You can get one here.

2. Snuffle Mouse Cake

The Snuffle Mousse Cake can be used as a chew toy or for Nose Work exercises. There are 2 pockets where treats can be inserted. Wanna bet this will be you French Bulldogs new favorite toy? You can order one here.

3. Interactive Shuffle Toy Puzzle

I love toys that are eco-friendly. This one is made from  wood. It’s not only better for the environment but also fro your dog. French Bulldogs skin sometimes reacts to plastic, so with this one you are 100% care free. You can get one on amazon, by following this link.

4. Twister Dog Puzzle

  • LEVEL 3 GAME – An advanced dog puzzle toy that trains your dog to learn sequential steps & is recommended for more challenging play
  • EXERCISE YOUR DOG’S MIND – This dog game provides fun physical & mental stimulation for your dog

Get in on here.



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