Highly valued for adorable look, agility, and medium size, French bulldogs, have been one of the most popular breeds among cynophilists. These dogs are great apartment dogs with weird personalities yet are so adorable. So, if you’re looking for a cuddle buddy, this breed makes a perfect choice.

How about taking care of a Frenchie? It’s doubtfully a work of daunting because French bulldogs are not of high-demand. Follow these brief suggestions to get the hang of taking care of your bull from his day-one home.

1. Cooling the Frenchie

A low profile and short nose mean your Frenchie gets overheat faster. Your job is to keep the dog hydrated as much as possible. So, water should be available everywhere; plus, throwing cold water on the dog when he’s panting also helps to wear off the heat.

2. Woof cleaning

Since Frenchie’s big fat ears open all the time, it’s likely for dust and junks to get inside. In this case, you use an ear cleaner, a kind of ear cleaning liquid, to massage and let the dog shake the rest of the drops out. Then, you can clean all the dirt out with cotton balls.

Frenchies are distinctive for their wrinkles, hence the care for them. The area is a home for junks. Make sure you notice all the stains and clean them frequently, or it may cause itching, even infection if left too long.

French bulldogs are born with little tails that are not clipped, but some Frenchies got their tails grown into the butt. There is space under the tail where you need to clean. Weird? But we can only wish it were a myth.

3. Keeping Frenchies off swimming pools

Frenchies say NO to swimming. Due to their top-heavy body shape, French bulls pretty much will sink. If you ever plan to go swimming with your Frenchie, make sure you bring him a life jacket.

4. Feeding Frenchies good food

The best food for French bulldogs should not contain grain because they can hardly digest this ingredient. You will want to add decent protein and vegetable to the dog’s diet to keep their agility. And of course, tasty food keeps the wagging tails happy.


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