Goods And Bads About French Bulldogs: Facts Can Take Your Breath Away

Known as “the clown in the cloak of a philosopher,” Frenchies can win the heart of dog lovers at first sight. They are friendly, affectionate, and playful. However, this breed owns negative traits that may not suit you. Getting the hang of the goods and bads about French Bulldogs will make enough preparations for you to bond with your little pet. Let’s go on reading!

goods and bads about French bulldogs

Goods About French Bulldogs


Goods and bads about French Bulldogs, which outnumbers the other? Of course, this breed is more lovable than unpleasant.

It’s the one-of-a-kind facial expression and a sense of humor that make Frenchies irresistible to most dog lovers. They can spread the good vibes anywhere they visit. They are sure to brighten up your gloomy face and bring back smiles after a long day of hard work.

Also, they’re deeply attached to human beings, especially family members. However, they may sometimes become so attached that someone not spending much time at home can’t satisfy their need for social interaction.


Contrary to their fierce look, French Bulldogs are caring and outgoing. They can get on well with everyone and other animals sharing the same house. They love almost all the people they meet and are keen to find anyone willing to give a lap.

They are incredibly friendly towards kids, even toddlers. With a little bit of training beforehand, you can leave them to play with your children, but make sure to keep everything under control all the time.


As lap dogs, French Bulldogs know how to adapt to confined spaces like apartments. Small in size, they are cuddly and quiet, thereby not disturbing your neighbors. They aren’t a fan of robust activities; a small room with toys can keep them entertained all days.

Your little friends are fond of following you across rooms without annoying or hindering your movement. He will use his paws to tap you whenever he wants to draw your attention.

Good Watchdogs

Not usually barking doesn’t mean Frenchies don’t make outstanding watchdogs. With a territorial streak, they can set you at ease. Once they cry, the chance is that you have someone in presence at your properties.

Quick Learners

Training a Frenchie has never been a challenge. Such breed is intelligent and responsive to diverse training techniques. It would be too soon to give up if one method doesn’t work. Instead, please move on with others.

Make the training process more exciting with prizes and treats to increase its efficiency while encouraging your pet’s involvement in techniques. You may be astounded at what he can do.

Low Maintenance

When it comes to hair shedding, you can breathe a sigh of relief. French Bulldogs are moderate shedders (twice a year) while their fur is easy to groom. A soft bristle brush or a rubber hound glove can help you have a good time brushing the smooth hair of your pup.

Try to start grooming your pet while he is standing on the floor or a table during his puppyhood. When the spring and fall shedding seasons draw in, a stripping comb and grooming mitt will come in handy to eliminate excess hair.

Depending on his particular requirements, you can choose to bath him monthly or more frequently so that his coat can remain clean.

Is that all?

Besides, Frenchies need regular nail trimming, tooth brushing, ear cleaning, and wrinkle care. Deep skin folds on their faces are the hot spot of bacteria concentrated, so they need cleaning daily. Use a baby wipe or a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt from wrinkles, and then dry them thoroughly. Or else, any moisture left will create a favorable condition for bacteria to grow.

Their toenails get long slowly, so you don’t have to trim them often. Doing at a few weeks’ intervals is enough. Frequent tooth brushing only does good for their dental health and breath.

Frenchies don’t require a massive amount of exercise. Given their reasonably low level of energy, outdoor play times or shorts walks are adequate to keep them in shape. Therefore, they make great companions of occupied workers.

Bads About French Bulldogs


Frenchies don’t require a lot of exercises, just a short walk daily. Sport isn’t to their liking. Instead, they are fond of cuddling and lying on the couch with their owners all day long. Therefore, they make great companions of apartment owners.

Their brachycephalic heads cause many difficulties in enduring prolonged activities, such as jumping, running, or walking for a long time. Since the air flow gets restricted when going through Frenchies’ respiratory systems, they can quickly get tired.

If you’re an active person, be prepared that it doesn’t take a day to get your pet off the couch to join you. Otherwise, you have to forgo your habits or even hobbies. If you can’t do so, accept the fact that French Bulldogs aren’t bred for you.


French pups are relatively emotional. They can’t stand up to criticism. Try not to scold your pet if he does something terrible. Nagging will only make the situation worse with the animal moping around the house in guilt and regret.

Instead, exploit positive reinforcement since this cute breed always wants to please their owners. Affectionate words, of course, have a stronger power than loud yells. Reward them with love, praise, and food whenever they follow your instruction.

Health Problems

Their structural deformities have adverse impacts on their quality of life, especially breathing. Their compressed facial bones and tissues expose them to the risk of having an elongated soft palate, narrowed nasal cavities, or laryngeal collapse. Unable to regulate their body temperature under direct sunlight, they are prone to heatstroke during hot summer days. Make sure you keep him in an air-conditioned room or don’t let him out to play frequently.

Besides respiratory disorders, this nice-tempered breed can fall victim to eye, heart, joint diseases as well as spinal disorders. Reproductive problems are unavoidable.

Food is also a potential stem of allergic development.

Dog Separation Anxiety

Frenchies have Molossus dogs as their ancestors, who were loyal companions of human beings in history. Whether they are bred to accompany their owners by accident or not, they are prone to dog separation anxiety.

Thus, you should train them to spend time alone as soon as possible. Keep these dogs amused with interactive feeding toys. Such items also help to develop their cognitive ability. Another way is to apply crate training. Crating your furry friend will help him learn about comfort and security in his private space.

Frequent Fart

If you are highly vulnerable to smells, watch out for evil-smelling gasses by French pups. They tend to release sudden farts in tender moments like eating or receiving guests.

You can reduce their frequency by opting for a proper diet to support the digestive system of your little friend. The familiar sources causing stomach bloating include food with a high content of by-products, eggs, wheat, corn, and chicken skin.


May I introduce to you one of the greatest snorers in bully breeds? French Bulldogs are likely to rouse you from sleep with their buzzing sounds. Their nostrils are shortened while their palates are elongated, making them snore, gasp, and grunt frequently. In the worst scenarios, if you are into the habit of snoring, stand ready to compete all night long.


Like other dogs, French Bulldogs love exploring but tend to destroy things. They find it appealing to maul their toys, play keep-away with others’ toys, and perform “squeakerectomies.” They enjoy hiding items and looking at others searching for them.

Be careful not to provide them with dental chews, pig ears, or rawhides. These toys are easy to get stuck in the dogs’ throat.

Greedy Manipulators

Despite a cute look and small size, French Bulldogs know how to show their stubborn trait. These canines are good at manipulating more fabulous personalities and tiny bodies. Therefore, it’s essential to set up clear boundaries right from the start.

As pack animals, dogs are accustomed to following the Alpha male. Thus, it’s crucial to teach your pet that you are his only pack leader so that he will act within the limit.

Don’t forget to include some treats or food as primary training tools. Refrain from feeding him too much; otherwise, it will turn out counter-productive. He will become stubborn and obese.

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Inability To Swim

Unfortunately, swimming isn’t the cup of tea of French Bulldogs. Due to their short legs along with massive bodies, they sink like rocks regardless of their efforts. Therefore, you’d better keep a dog life jacket in store in case you want to take him out for a swim.

Final Thoughts

It makes sense to weigh up both the goods and bads about French Bulldogs before deciding to adopt one. They best fit living with city-dwellers having lots of free time and not addicted to sports. Those unable to allocate enough time for their pets should have a rethink.