French Bulldog Care – Grooming

With these sensitive little creatures, everything can be a hit or miss. But here are some tips and products you should 100% incorporate into your French Bulldog Care routine. 



I personally avoid over-bathing. Bathe monthly or 2 times per month max. Of course clean your dogs paws daily and wipe their coat with wet moisturizing wipes, but please DO NOT overdue it. It can strip their skin of natural oil and cause irritation. Use gentle and organic shampoos and conditioners. Here are a few of our favorites by 4 Legger.


Dental Care

Yes, you need to brush your dogs teeth. Not enough people do it, but it’s a very important step in your French Bulldog care routine. Another thing that might be useful, if you aren’t all about the teeth brushing, is a water additive. You can get one from Chewy. Don’t get alarmed, you don’t need to do this everyday, but a weekly brushing is a must.


Face Care

Make sure you take care of that wrinkly, smushed face. Clean wrinkles daily, and tears stains if they become visible at some point. French Bulldogs also tend to get a dry nos, so apply the Snout Soother by Natural Dog Company multiple times per day. Keep the wrinkles clean and dry to avoid bacteria buildup.

Ear Care

Don’t forget the ears. I know some breeds don’t require regular ear cleanings, but French Bulldogs do. Cleaning their ears weekly should 100% be a part of your French Bulldog care routine. Too much wax build up can leave to yeast and bacterial infections that make your puppy very uncomfortable. They are very easy to prevent, by just taking care of your French Bulldogs bat ears. There is one product i swear by, so I’m not even going to make any other suggestions. Epi-Otic advanced ear cleanser, formulated for sensitive ears and dogs prone to external ear inflammation.