The Best Winter Outfits For French Bulldogs – 2019 Collection – Buyer’s Guide

With a one-of-a-kind appearance, French Bulldogs are sure to become the center of attention every time they show up in the crowd. Some of you may question whether it’s worth investing in dog clothes. The answer is definitely yes, especially in the cold weather.

Like human beings, dogs need to dress comfortably and warmly. We’ve rounded up a list of the best winter outfits for French Bulldogs – 2019 collection in the following article. Let’s take a look.

The Best Winter Outfits For French Bulldogs – 2019 Collection

RUFFWEAR K-9 Float Coat For Dogs

Best Winter Outfits For French Bulldogs

Designed for energetic dogs who love following their owners during swimming, rafting, surfing, and so on, this life jacket offers an ideal solution to canine flotation and water safety.

Its comfort comes from the addition of foam panels and abrasion resistant webbing. Notably, such panels serve to get dogs back to the natural swimming position if they flip over. With a thick and waterproof material, this RUFFWEAR’s product will keep cold spells of wind away from your adorable companion.

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Devotion to details is no joke with thoughtful features like reflective trim for increased visibility in the water and a robust low-profile handle to take the pet out of the water. If possible, go for the beacon light of RUFFWEAR to increase visibility in the darkness. The telescoping neck closure is adjustable to different shapes while there are easy-to-clip buckles to hold straps firmly.

The coat has a wide range of sizes and three notable colors, including blue atoll, sockeye red, and wave orange. You can rest assured that French canines of various sizes and shapes will find their match despite their big heads and squatty bodies.

JoyDaog Reversible Plaid Dog Coat

winter outfit for frenchies

Winter is coming to town, and you don’t have to search through a long list of many dog coats for your Frenchie. Made of Polyester cloth and cotton lined, this JoyDaoq reversible plaid dog coat won’t let you down.

Polyester fiber is widely known for its water resistance outside and enhanced warm inner layer, making the coat a favorable item during cold and wet winter days.

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The construction is lightweight, meaning no pressure on the wearer’s body. The plaid design is reversible, allowing the pet to put on inside out for change. The pattern carries the British style that will never fall behind the trend.

Adjustable straps on the chest and neck area facilitate necessary changes to fit different pets. There’s a convenient hole behind the neck area to attach the D ring to dogs’ collar during outdoor walks.

Like RUFFWEAR, JoyDaog also introduces three colors: red, pink, and beige, but bigger sizes up to XXXL for overweight canines.

JoyDaog Fleece-Lined Warm Dog Jacket For Cold Weather


If you’ve already fallen in love with the brand of JoyDaog, this windproof and ultra warm jacket can be used alternately with the reversible plaid model.

Classified in the best winter outfits for French bulldogs – 2019 collection, it has two layers of fleece lining for enhanced warmth and polyester fabric to struggle with the severe climate. The soft coat helps to keep canines at great ease. The smooth metal snap buttons and durable stitching allow for a simple take-off and take-on.

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The foot and waist areas are patterned with elastic edges for stretch and comfort. There is a hole on the neck that you can attach a leash there. The product has only two colors: blue and red, but both of them are fashionable and easy to wear.

Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Windproof Reversible British Style Plaid Dog Vest

Winter outfits for frenchies

Like JoyDaog’s products, this coat has one water-resistant layer and one warm inner one. The combined material of polyester and terylene proves to stand the test of time. Thanks to the thick polyester fiber, you can take your Frenchie out for outdoor activities regardless of how severe the weather is.

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The design is creative with exquisite stitching and easy hook & loop closure, making putting on and taking off a piece of cake. The product offers soft touching with cotton plaid inside, ensuring your pet can feel warm and comfortable at the same time.

It also boasts a flexible chest design with a wide range of colors and sizes. There are up to 6 vintage colors to choose from, including red, blue, brown, green, pink, and beige. To avoid wasting your money on low-quality fake products, always remember to buy ones with a tag of “Kuoser” in a unique package.

SILD Jacket Blue Denim Coat Classic Hoodie

outfits for french bulldogs

If your canine friend has a strong personality, this SILD jacket blue denim coat classic hoodie will satisfy that character. SILD has been committed to launching comfortable and professional products for pets, helping them to lead a healthy quality life. The classic hoodie is no exception.

With button closure, the coat makes it easy to put on and take off. The Retro Jeans Jacket style along with a cool hat is certain to set wearers apart in a crowd. All eyes are on you and your little pet when you too are walking together on the street.

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What I like most about this model is its flexibility. It is suitable to wear all year round, not confined to the winter. For example, jeans are effective in preventing the penetration of direct sunlight into dogs’ skin, so there is no need to worry about overheating. Therefore, this sweatshirt turns out economical in the long run.

Moreover, the coat proves extremely convenient and protective to dress after you cut your pet’s hair without losing his charm. Dogs easily get hurt without their fur.

Gooby Fleece Vest With Leash Ring

jackets for frenchies

Fleece vest offers a perfect solution to keep pups warm all winter long. Catching with the trend, Gooby quickly introduced this pullover jacket for small dogs.

Given the material of 100% polyester, the vest will prevent the concentration of moisture such as snow or freezing rain while only keeping in warm air. It is durable enough to stand up to severe weather patterns.

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In terms of convenience, the design of a pullover helps you quickly put on your little friend’s body and head outside without a single minute struggling. There’s no room for velcro or zippers for security. This hassle-free model proves particularly convenient in case of emergency.

Gooby boasts its most extensive range of colors with up to 17 different colors, ensuring your companion is the coolest kid on the block. Armholes are available to let canines walk and go to the bathroom comfortably. There is also an O-ring on the back for tying the leash.

Also, the vest is machine-washable for easy removal of dirt and salt. Those with tight work schedule don’t have to worry about wash it by hand or it getting ruined after outdoor walks.

iChoue Pets Dog Clothes Hoodie Pullover


When it comes to the best winter outfits for French Bulldogs – 2019 collection, you shouldn’t give this iChoue hoodie pullover a miss.

Inspired by French bulldogs, Corgis, and American Bully Pitbull, this piece of closing follows the style of a more full shoulder and thinner chest, aiming at active dogs with big muscles. The inner zipper comes with a unique cotton gasket so that dogs’ hair can’t get stuck due to the zipper.

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Made of cotton and polyester, the hoodie is warm, comfy, soft, and durable. Invest in iChoue’s product and you won’t have to regret later on.

Fitwarm Fleece Sweatshirts for Dog Coats Pet Hooded Jacket

outfits for french bulldogs

Compared to other products in today’s list, this hooded fleece jacket seems a little bit poorer in terms of colors and sizes with one and three respectively. However, its unique design and high-quality material make up for that scarcity.

The jacket is fit to wear every day from outdoor walks to photo shootings. The design carries the athletic breath, bringing about a sense of strength and activeness for wearers.

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The fleece fabric is soft and comfy, promising to bring about thrilling experiences for our canine friends.

Drawstrings are available to adjust the hoodie to fit your pet’s body. Thus, you don’t have to bother with the outfit being too tight or too loose.

PanDaDa Puppy Small Pet Winter Coat Apparel

Winter outfits for frenchies

When the winter draws in, your French pup can have a good time outdoors thanks to this knitted sweater of PanDaDa.

The outstanding pink coat is certain to brighten dark, cold months, cheering up those looking at your pet in it. Made from high-quality fur, the sweater can shield dogs from the chill while being soft on their skin.

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Howstar Pet Camouflage Cold Weather Coat


Are cold spells of wind sickening your little Frenchies? Don’t worry; this waterproof coat from Howstar serves to help him play cheerfully but comfortably outdoors.

The colorful design suits the personal taste of most dogs, making the product suitable for both casual and holiday occasions. It is made of soft polyester fabric for increased warmth and comfort.

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Like the Gooby’s, this vest is machine washable and tumble dry, clearing off the burden of hand washing in the freezing water. This cute winter vest features no sleeves, certainly satisfying both keeping warm and aesthetic needs of your adorable companion.

How To Choose Frenchies’ Winter Clothes: Buyer’s Guide

Frenchie with winter outfit

Contrary to most people’s belief, dog clothes aren’t the same for all breeds. Different dogs of different sizes and shapes will dress differently. It isn’t easy to choose a suitable outfit for our French pup. Before making a purchase, you’d better take into account their unique body structure, hips, and tastes as well.

Frenchies’ Needs

A light coat will provide enough heat for dogs with thick hair. Sadly, this isn’t the case with French bulldogs. With the one-layered fur, they are susceptible to overheating and hypothermia. These dogs are bad at getting their bodies adapted to various environmental temperatures. They are sensitive to extreme temperatures, either scorching hot or freezing cold.

Moreover, they have too short nasal passages to warm up the cold air, increasing the chance of getting cold quickly when inhaling a bunch of cold air. Therefore, to keep them warm, you have no option but to go for clothing models with extra layers. It’s heart-breaking to see our furry companions shaking in howling winds.

Because of their sensitive paws, walking on street salt can lead to severe injuries, so dog boots or socks are must-have items in the winter. Their paws need proper protection to avoid the effect of snow and ice. The tender skin of French bulldogs is prone to hazardous chemicals or pesticides, which are toxic when sticking to their paws. That’s when an appropriate pair of weatherproof boot comes in handy. In particular, footwear is highly essential for senior dogs with mobility problems. Well-made traction sock will keep them balanced on hardwood or tile floors.

Body Structure

Pet owners love Frenchies partly because of their compact and muscular body built. Small in size as they are, they can’t fit themselves into a mini poodle’s jacket. As a powerful breed, such pooches don’t share the same body proportions with other small canine ones. A compact and well-rounded body requires a bigger size.

Before buying clothes for your cute companion, remember to measure his stomach scope and back carefully for an exact number as well as the widest parts of his body from the neck back to the tail base.

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When it comes to the best winter outfits for French Bulldogs – 2019 collection, one vital factor to take into consideration is the hips. Hip dysplasia, a skeletal disorder, is common among Frenchies, leaving chronic pains and asking for different clothing measures.

Given their short legs, loose clothes without any restriction on their normal movement will put them at great ease. Thus, your furry friend won’t try to get out of the outfit, avoiding catching a cold.


It’s ideal to purchase high-quality stretchy and breathable fabrics. Such materials won’t put a strain on the body of your Frenchie while causing no difficulties during putting on and taking off.

Moreover, the material of dog clothes should be durable enough to last long. Thus, you don’t have to waste your money on changing new products frequently.


Only the warmth isn’t enough; always put the comfort of your Frenchie on the list of top priorities. Clothes that cover a large part of his body, for example, his rear end, head, and legs can make him become panicked and stressed. Cozy cotton hoodies or soft acrylic pullovers are the best-favored styles among pet owners for their convenience.


Rain is an unavoidable element in the winter, so you need to get everything prepared for whatever weather patterns occur. Waterproof raincoats or jackets with adjustable cinching string are available to satisfy your needs. Some models even have stoppers on the hood, ensuring no single drop of rain can touch your lovely friend.

Final Judge

It’s essential to give priority to the comfort of your canine friend when shopping for his outfits. Carefully check the measurement to buy the right size, slowly put him on new clothes, let him play, and monitor his reactions. Don’t hesitate to request a change if they don’t fit him right.

We highly recommend the RUFFWEAR K-9 Float Coat for its ultimate comfort, water resistance, visibility in the water, and adjustability.

Before You Leave

As companions of human beings, the short-haired French bulldogs aren’t bred to cope with cold conditions. It’s their owners’ job to give them extra protection with the best winter outfits for French Bulldogs – 2019 collection. We hope you and your lovely pet can have amazing memories during the winter.